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Herbal bath has more than 3 thousand years of history in China.Chinese know every kind of herb well. Their use of experience and their understanding of the effectiveness of a herb have been documented in books by doctors,  and spread from generation to generation.face bath,head bath,body bath, foot bath,hip bath are the forms of herbal bath. The treatment principle of herbal bath is that herbal molecules into the dermis effect on the capillary, lymphatic vessels, nerves, sebaceous glands, hair follicles and sweat glands for the purposes of treatment and prevention ,health and fitness We select some popular herbs for facial and sexual  wellness to share with you,their translated benefits and usage come from a chinese book named << Chinese Herbal Bath>>( ISBN 978-7-5388-5436-7)

 Jiaogulan leaf

Facial with jiaogula is more and more popular in China.Research showed that gypenosides( Gynostemma pentaphyllum) can increase the number of skin cells’ regeneration from 22 to 27 times. It has significant preventive and therapeutic effect on skin photoaging.It has also an inhibitory effect on cell(human immortal skin keratinocyteshuman skin fibroblast) canceration.To hava a face of anti aging, anti photoaging, anti canceration , is jiaogulan your best choice.

Usagestep 1 steep 2 jiaogulan tea bags in 200ml boiling  water for 10 minutes.

Step 2 pour the tea into wash basin bathwash your face for 3~5 minutes.

Step 3 Wash your face and hands with clean water

One time 2 days for good result!

Chinese thorowax root Bupleurum ,radix bupleuri

Chinese thorowax root is widely used to treat cold and fever,but in recent years, experiments have proved that Chinese thorowax root has anti radiation effects. Its polysaccharide has protective effect on hematopoietic tissue, such as spleen weight and bone marrow DNA content. Its effect is same as hydrochloric acid cystine . In the experiment, the survival rate of mice injected with Bupleurum polysaccharide after radiation was 45% after 30 days, and the survival rate of mice injected with cysteamine hydrochloride after radiation was 40.5% after 30 days. People who work in front of the computer should often use Chinese thorowax root water to wash their face to protect their face from radiation damage.

Usagestep 1 Add 3~5g Chinese thorowax root slices

 into a bag we have prepared for you and tied the bag mouth.

step 2 soak the bag in 1000ml boiling water ,wait the water temperature till comfortable.

Step 3  pour the herbal water into a basinwash your face for 3~5 minutes.

Step 4 Wash your face with clean water

One time a day to get good result!

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Frutus Cnidii

Frutus Cnidii is widely used in China for the treatment of impotence, infertility, prostatitis, and prostatic cancer, for female infertility, genital itching, trichomonas vaginitis also has a very good effect.It is the most important sexual medicine in China. It has been proved that the active component osthole can increase the organ coefficient of semen sac and prostate,  NOs activity and NO levels in penile tissues. Osthole can significantly increase the content of testosterone in serum and the organ coefficient of epididymis. Osthole in vitro can inhibit the proliferation of prostate cancer DU145 cells, PC-3 cells , induce apoptosis of PC-3 cells.

Usagestep 1 Add 20~30g frutus cnidii

into a bag we have prepared for you and tied the bag mouth.

step 2 decocting the bag in boiling water for 30 minutes.

Step 3  pour the herbal water in a bidetadd some cold water,then take a hip bath for 30 minutes

One time a day to get good result!

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