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The role of Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) in weight loss

You can not refuse fat intake!

Fat is an important part of the body, it is divided into lipids and neutral fat. Lipids include phospholipids and cholesterol.Neutral fat is also known as triglycerides. Body fat is around 13% of body weight. The quantity of heat production from body fat is 16% -20% of total body energy needs


Physiological functions of body fat

1 body fat provides the energy necessary for life, can keep the body temperature and energy.

2 body fat is an important component of body cells. The phospholipids and steroids in body fat are indispensable materials for the formation of a new organization, for repair of an old organization, the metabolic regulation and the hormone synthesis.

3. Fat is a solvent for fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.

4. Fat provides essential fatty acids to body.

5. Fat can prolong the stay time of food in the digestive tract, it is good for the digestion and absorption of various nutrients.


How does body fat come?

90% of the fat in the food are triglyceride, in addition there is a small amount of phospholipids, cholesterol, free fatty acids and their Ester.Die digestion and absorption of fat is carried out mainly in the small intestine. The fat is through the lymphatic system eventually into the blood for the use by fat cells. Fat cells convert blood fats into body fat for energy reserve


Why does a person become fat?

When the fat intake from foods is excessive, and fat cells can not convert the fat reserve into energy during the period due to lack of body movement, the size of fat cells will be increased, so that the person becomes fat. Thereafter, the absorption capacity of the fat cells is lowered, more and more blood fats remain in the blood, waiting for fat cells to absorp them. Hyperlipidemia is the first result of this wait. Some blood fats stored during the wait on the vessel wall, it leads itself to reduce the blood flow rate.In order to  guarantee blood flow volume in time for the body's organs, the body is forced to raise the blood pressure and cardiac load. Hypertension and heart disease are the second results of the wait.If the deposit amount of blood lipids on the vessel wall is more and more, is a fatal blockage of the vessel possible.


What lies in the weight loss products?

After the analysis of some weight loss products following illegal drugs have been found : fenfluramine, ephedrine, furosemide, bupropion, sibutramine. The drugs injure the central nervous system of humans,after taking the weight loss products people do not like to eat.Some so-called weight loss tea contain herbs for diarrhea,they can decrease the absorption capacity of humans sharply . The illegal drugs stop fat into the blood fat,so that people can lose weight fast.However this way is not only safety but aslo health.Gastrointestinal diseases are side effects of these weight loss products.Do you kill the goose that lays the golden egg?


The effect of Jiaogulan on weight loss

The research on Gypenosides from the book “Metabolite Analysis For Chemical Constituents of Traditional Chinese Medicines” (ISBN750672760 ) shows that Gypenosides turned into a compound K first in the human small intestine via enzyme digestion.The compound K entered then into the blood. In human blood, the compound K esterified  fatty acids, cholesterol and triglycerideand turned into some new metabolites with them, the metabolites entered the small intestine again through the hepatobiliary system, and turned into excretions. Gypenosides brought fatty acids, cholesterol and triglyceride away from human blood so that we can explain why jiaogulan can be used to treat hyperlipoidemia/ hyperlipemia and has effect on weight loss.The book shows also,If there were some tumour cells in the human body, the compound K and its metabolite , fatty acid ester (Eml) could attack the tumor cells to eliminate them (such as lung cancer LLC, leukemia HL-60, melanoma B16-BL6).

 The lipid deposition on the vessel wall is cleaned gradually and blood flow is normalized gradually, so that the blood pressure decreases gradually, and the cardiac load is gradually reduziert.During this time if the fat intake is reduced step by step, and sports will be made progressively more,can the people lose weight.This way is both safety and health, no side effects, ino prevention of the absorption of other nutrients.

recommended amount of fat intake by age group

Age group (years) Fat (g / day)

Children under 3 years 35-40

Children under 3 - 6 Years 40-50

Students to 6 - 12 years 45-60

Students to 12 - 18year 60-70

Young to 18 – 45years 70-55

Middle-aged  45 - 60 years 60-50

Over 60 years 50


High-fat food : nuts (peanuts, sesame seeds, pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts), meat from animals (meat fat, lard, butter, ghee), vegetable oil and some fried foods, pasta, snacks, cakes and so on.

Low-fat food: fruits (apples, lemons, etc.), vegetables (melon, cucumber, pumpkin, radish, bitter gourd, leek, green sprouts, peppers, etc.), chicken, fish, algae, fungi, tea, vinegar, etc. .

General information of our organic jiaogulan tea bag

Content:milled jiaogulan tea(14-30mesh size)


Odour:natural aroma

Weight: almost 2g/tea bag

Neutral packing:100teabags/aluminum foil bag

Strong point:more gypenosides(jiaogulan saponins),more water extraction,more leaf extract,stable quantity,convenient


Storage: Keep jiaogulan tea bag in a dry, dark and cold place.

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Preparation of Jiaogulan tea (Gynostemma pentaphyllum): take one jiaogulan tea bag  in a cup, steep the tea bag with 150ml boiling  and wait for about 5 minutes.Then drink the tea water.For weight loss 3 tea bags a day please.


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