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Founded in 1990, our company is located at the foot of Qinling Mountain of China,where is the source area of Jiaogulan in China.The national cultivation norm of jiaogulan is based upon our cultivation methods.Qinling Mountain provides top bio surroundings not only for panda but for jiaogulan.As compared with other jiaogulan in subtropical zone,our  jiaogulan contains more saponins also selenium. Our jiaogulan grows in the unique planting area of jiaogulan in the north temperate zone.Our jiaogulan is superior, because it has one pick period every year ,the land can rest for 5 months.

The people here have about 6 hundreds years experience of making green tea.The tea lay down in the tea cup of the Emperor since hundred years.It was exported abroad through the silk road.We have the superior know-how of making jiaogulan tea.

The Japanese researcher took the jiaogulan seeds in our area to Japan, afer his research, jiaogulan is famous in the world.



Jiaogulan is especially a food.The people in this area ate Jiaogulan during the past famine. Now they drink jiaogulan tea.

we are a  natural jiaogulan tea enterprise in china.We export our bio jiaogulan tea to Germany, Austria, France, the United States, Canada,Switzerland,Hungary and other countries. 

We are interested in the dealer with a shop in relation to  tea, herbs,drugs,weight loss products,facial skin care .Our business condition is very flexsible, at the beginning, you have not order limitation.Wir are also interested in private customers, who find us in the Internet.we are ready to anwser your questions about our products and know-how on medicinal herbs. We will provide you our advice, service, sales support, and organic products

Your health is protected by you and us together! You pleasures are created by you and us together!


Company Name : Nongsheng Natural Jiaogulan Tea Co.Sales Office Company Address : P.O.Box 188 Xianyang Shaanxi China ZIP/Postal code : 712000 Phone : 86-29-33359478 Contact Email: