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<<SPECIALTY ENGLISH ON TEA SCIENCE>>, first published college textbook for tea major in China,suitable for tea importers, tea exporters, tea sellers and tea drinkers.

ISBN 978-7-5184-2267-8
Condition: Brand new

UNIT One About Tea 

Lesson 1 General Introduction 

Lesson 2 Tea and “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” 

UNIT Two Tea History 

Lesson 1 Chinese Tea History 
Lesson 2 The Ancient Tea-horse Road 
Lesson 3 Tea History of Japan and Korea 
Lesson 4 Tea Comes to the West 

Lesson 5 Tea History of India, Sri Lanka and Kenya 
UNIT Three Tea Culture 

Lesson 1 Tea Classics 

Lesson 2 The Chinese Art of Tea 

Lesson 3 The Japanese Way of Tea (Chanoyu) 

Lesson 4 Afternoon Tea 
Lesson 5 Indian Tea Culture 
Lesson 6 Russia Tea Culture 

UNIT Four Tea Cultivation and Breeding 

Lesson 1 Botanical Classification of Tea 
Lesson 2 Tea Cultivation 
Lesson 3 Tea Breeding 

Lesson 4 Good Agricultural Practice Management in Tea Plantation 

UNIT Five Tea Biochemistry 

Lesson 1 Constituents in Fresh Tea Leaves 
Lesson 2 Biosynthesis of Characteristic Secondary Metabolites 
Lesson 3 Polyphenol Oxidase 
Lesson 4 Glycosidase 
Lesson 5 Quantification of Catechins, Caffeine and Theanine by HPLC

UNIT Six Tea Processing and Machinery Lesson 1 Tea Classification 

Lesson 2 Green Tea 
Lesson 3 Black Tea 
Lesson 4 Oolong Tea (Blue Tea) 

Lesson 5 White Tea 
Lesson 6 Dark Tea 
Lesson 7 Yellow Tea 
Lesson 8 Further Processing
Lesson 9 Tea Storage 

UNIT Seven Tea Quality Evaluation 

Lesson 1 Water Quality 
Lesson 2 Tea Utensils 
Lesson 3 Formation of Tea Quality Lesson 4 Tea Evaluation and Inspection 

UNIT Eight Health Effects of Tea 

Lesson 1 Antioxidant and Pro-oxidant Effects 
Lesson 2 Anticancer Effects 
Lesson 3 Effects on Metabolic Syndrome and Related Diseases 
Lesson 4 Effects on Aging 
Lesson 5 Bioavailability of Tea Components 
Lesson 6 Tea Safety 

UNIT Nine Tea Marketing and Trade 
Lesson 1 World Tea Production and Consumption
Lesson 2 Tea Exports and Imports 
Lesson 3 Tea Market Development and Outlook 

UNIT Ten Tea Academic Paper Writing 

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Healthcare Massage for Your Partner easy to do and effective for couples love
The massage between partner introduced here is a differentfrom professionaI massage in hospital,and it is simplified type for ordinary people according to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine.No specific training is required,and it only needs partners’care for each as welI as the general knowledgeof massage as Introduced in this book.Hence  techniques are not necessarily to be accurate , and basic manipulation is enough. As a new health care concept, massage between partners is one of the best ways to ease fatigue, relieve pains anddiscomfort, adjust minds, improve looks and bring each other closer.It is flexible and convenient since the time and place of massage are not strictly Iimited.On the basis of introducing fundamentaI knowledge of TCM massage, this book focuses on the detailed explanation on the massage relieving common pains and discomforts (suchas cold, Insomnia, headache, constipation, carsickness,omarthritis, cervical spondylosis, hypertension, dysmenorrhoea, abnormal leucorrhea, and postpartum agalactia), nourishingand beautifying appearance(such as improving chloasma, striae of pregnancy, wrinkled eye skin, pouch, and micromastia)as welI as improving sexuaI Iives(such as sexuaI taxation, sexual dysfunction, impotence, prospermia, sexuaI apathy andvagina spasm). The practical, popular, and understandabIe massage explained with delicate pictures brings readers the new experience of enjoying TCM massage.


Chapter1 General Knowledge about Partner Massage 
What are the benefits of partner massage?
When Is not a good time?
What to prepare?
What are the common manipulations?
What precautions need to be taken?
Chapter2 Become your Partner's Therapist: Massage between Partners
to Relieve Common Pains and Discomforts
Cold Induced Fever
Cold Induced Stuffy Nose
Chronic Pharyngitis
Nausea and Vomiting
Chronic Diarrhea
Abdominal Distention
Stiff Neck
Scapulohumeral Periarthritis
Cervical Spondylosis
Lumbago and Backache
Ankle Sprain
Lumbar Muscle Degeneration
Cerebral Stroke Sequelae
Chronic Prostatitis
Abnormal Leucorrhea
Menopausal Syndrome
Chronic Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands
Vomiting during Pregnancy
Inadequate Secretion of Milk
Chapter3 Forever Young -Beauty Massage
Get Rid of Facial Melasma and Freckles
Fade off Stretch Marks
Say Goodbye to the Dark Circles under Your Eyes
Get Rid of Eye Pouches
Remove Eye Wrinkles
Reduce Forehead Wrinkles
Beautiful Breasts
Eliminate Hip Fat
Eliminate Belly Fat
Chapter4 Intimate Comfort--Partner Massage to Stimulate Sexual Desire
Stimulate Male Sexual Desire
Relieve Sexual Strain
Stimulate Female Interest in Sexuality
Strengthening the Erection
Prolong Male Sexual Performance
Eliminating Vaginal Spasm

Healthcare Massage for Your Partner

ISBN 9787510443985


Condition: Brand new

Date of Publication : 2014


<<Healthcare Massage for Your Partner >>

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Foot Massage Therapy Stay Healthy the Chinese Way
Condition: Brand new
Date of Publication : 2013

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), many channels and collaterals run downward from the organs and tissues of the human body into corresponding areas on the feet and, therefore, stimulating these areas can help regulate the functioning of these organs and tissues and cure diseases. Contemporary research in human anatomy has revealed that the feet have more blood vessels and nerves than any other part of the human body and that the numerous nerve endings at the feet have a special relationship with the head, hands and several tissues and organs of the body. Thanks to this relationship, foot massage has emerged as a miraculous curative and health-preserving therapy.
Today, it is an accepted fact that regular foot massage not only improves the functioning of all organs and the flow of qi in channels and collaterals, and invigorates blood circulation, but also cures diseases and helps to preserve health and life.
This book provides readers with simple,economical,quick,effective and green therapies which boast both curative and health-preserving effect.It is a popular and practical guide to health preservation,suitable for readers of different knowledge levels of traditional Chinese Medicine.The launch of the book,so to speak,will equip readers with the golden key to the door of health.
Chapter 1 what's the benefits about foot massage
Foot - second heart
 Foot is the starting point and end point of multiple meridians
 Special acupoints for feet and legs
 The condition of both feet reflects health condition
 Chapter 2 look at the feet. Health condition has long been known
 Look at the color of your feet and know your health
 Look at the foot shape and measure the abnormality
 Foot tenderness is an alarm
 Judging disease from foot posture
 Toenails can also indicate disease
Chapter 3 massage at home
 Preparation before massage
 Common techniques of foot massage
 The massage sequence is exquisite
 Precautions for massage
 Normal reaction after massage
 Symptomatic massage has good effect
Chapter IV symptomatic massage for common diseases
 Hiccup (hiccup)
Chapter V symptomatic massage for chronic diseases, middle-aged and elderly dementia
 coronary heart disease
 Sequelae of stroke
Chapter VI symptomatic massage for spine and joint related diseases
 have a stiff neck
 cervical spondylopathy
 scapulohumeral periarthritis
 Acute lumbar sprain
 Lumbar disc herniation
 Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chapter VII symptomatic massage for digestive system diseases
 Loss of appetite
 Epigastric fullness (abdominal distension)
 chronic pancreatitis
 Cholecystitis and cholelithiasis
Chapter VIII symptomatic massage for urogenital diseases
 Sexual dysfunction
 Impotence and premature ejaculation
 pelvic infection
 Climacteric syndrome
Chapter IX symptomatic massage for common diseases
 Acute tonsillitis
Chapter 10 daily regimen massage
 Eliminate fatigue
 relieve stress
 Whitening and beautifying
Appendix: name and location of foot reflex area
 Name and location of foot acupoints
 Author introduction

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